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Siku Quanshu itself is a gigantic Chinese database in the study of Chinese cultural history. The digitization project of Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) converted this entire collection into an electronic format.


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Prosecuting eBay Eachnet for Auction Sales of Sikuquanshu Discs

A pirated copy of the Electronic Version of Sikuquanshu was found at auction on eBay China by Digital Heritage Publishing Limited. The selling price was only RMB 60 while that of the original copy was ...


Shu Shu Lei Ebooks of Sikuquanshu On Sales at CBC
There are a total of 24 books of Shu Shu Lei (術數類) of the Electronic Version of Sikuquanshu, under the categories of “Divination”, “Reading of Face and Fortune Telling”, “Yin Yang and Five Elements”. ...


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